With Netbina xperience in the driver’s seat, we faced a thrilling challenge: to conceptualize, create, and deploy a visual spectacle for the new Arrizo 5 S—all within a tight countdown.

Prepare for a dazzling light show that turned heads and captured hearts. Despite the tricky lighting situation in the expo and the tight schedule, we put the show on just in time.

We decked out the new Arrizo 5 S with projectors that splashed it in moving colors and patterns. Through the strategic use of video mapping, we turned the Arrizo 5 S into a dynamic canvas. Our approach was to blend the boundaries between technology and design, captivating the Auto Expo audience and making the new Arrizo 5 S the pulsing heart of the expo.

Adding an interactive twist, we invited attendees to step closer, transforming them into co-creators. Their movements intertwined with the light show, personalizing the experience, drawing crowds, and amplifying the buzz around the new Arrizo 5 S.