The stain of boredom

There’s a real challenge in making a product stand out, especially when it’s a laundry detergent. How do you transform a mundane, everyday chore into something exciting? Persil entrusted us with this puzzle: Introduce their new product line, but do it in a way that would make people say “Wow!” and, crucially, remember it.

The secret recipe

So, we pulled up our sleeves, put on our thinking caps, and from the lab of the Netbina xperience team, came up with a wild, immersive plan. We installed our xperience Booth, the mysterious black box, right in the middle of Bagh-e Ketab. A place where fantasy meets reality, thanks to interactive installations, and a dash of creative zest. We transformed the room into a living, breathing canvas of virtual textile.
Three brave adventurers could enter the room at a time. One played the part of the mischievous dirtying agent. The other two stepped into the shoes of the cleaning agents, embodying the power of Persil’s detergents. The mission? Dirty the canvas, and then clean it, all just with hand movements.
But the fun didn’t stop at the black box’s door! For passers-by, an AR mini-game was ready to play. A quick scan of a QR code on a Persil product sample, and they were off on an interactive dive into the world of the product’s features and scents.

A lively laundry fest

And so, our playful experiment unfolded, transforming the black box into an irresistible magnet.Visitors loved the chance to take laundry into their own hands (literally). From the young ones to the grown-ups, everyone was buzzing about the black box and the magic inside.
It was more than just a product launch. It was a laundry festival, a playful romp around the world of cleanliness, a chance for consumers to not just learn about Persil’s products, but to engage with them, to xperience them.